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ESP8266 WiFi Scan

My first project using the generic esp8266 board, this project uses a esp8266 in scan mode and a LCD ILI9341…

ESP8266 I/O Board

Every thing is ready to begin the assembly of the board. All the components are SMD, and to help welding, I…

ESP8266 Generic I/O Board

My new board has arrived today, the easyeda.com service is great and the quality of the board… see the pictures.

My new generic ESP8266 I/O Board

Waiting for my first ESP8266 board to arrive from https://easyeda.com/joaquimorg   

ESP8266 – ZX81 Emulator

Simple as that, ZX81 Emulator running on ESP8266 More Information here.  


This module was a complete surprise, was purchased in order to be used with the Raspberry Pi Zero, but is…

RGB Led WS2812B

Connection and programming the WS2812B ewith STM8s Discovery. More information here.  

LCD for Raspberry Pi

Information how to connect a LCD to the Raspberry Pi. More information here.