• ESP8266 WiFi Scan

    2016/11/01 - joaquim

    ESP8266 WiFi Scan

    My first project using the generic esp8266 board, this project uses a esp8266 in scan mode and a LCD ILI9341 (320×240). On the top show a list of WiFi networks sorted by signal level, and indication if they have security. In the lower part shows a graph of signal level on each channel as well […]

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  • ESP8266 I/O Board

    2016/10/29 - joaquim

    ESP8266 I/O Board

    Every thing is ready to begin the assembly of the board. All the components are SMD, and to help welding, I used solder flux from JBC ( http://www.servelec.pt/produto/fluxo-de-soldar-15ml-jbc-fl-15 ) The end result was great.  

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  • 2016/10/18 - joaquim

    ESP8266 Generic I/O Board

    My new board has arrived today, the easyeda.com service is great and the quality of the board… see the pictures.

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  • esp8266_io_1

    2016/10/10 - joaquim

    My new generic ESP8266 I/O Board

    Waiting for my first ESP8266 board to arrive from https://easyeda.com/joaquimorg   

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  • zx81_3

    2016/02/22 - joaquim

    ESP8266 – ZX81 Emulator

    Simple as that, ZX81 Emulator running on ESP8266 More Information here.  

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  • esp-12

    2016/02/17 - joaquim


    This module was a complete surprise, was purchased in order to be used with the Raspberry Pi Zero, but is much more than a simple WiFi interface. More info.    

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  • WS2812B_2

    - joaquim

    RGB Led WS2812B

    Connection and programming the WS2812B ewith STM8s Discovery. More information here.  

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  • 2014/08/29 - joaquim

    LCD for Raspberry Pi

    Information how to connect a LCD to the Raspberry Pi. More information here.

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  • 2014/06/05 - joaquim

    Hello and Welcome

      É minha intenção fazer deste espaço uma pequena janela daquilo que me define. Nela poderá encontrar os meus interesses e observar alguma da minha actividade na Web e não só.   It is my intention to make this area a small window of what defines me.  Here you will find my interests and observe […]

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